Three’s 5G handset usage quadrupled in 2021

UK operator Three has put out a bunch of stats within its ‘Mobile Britain’ report – including that 5G usage on its network has increased by 385% since 2020, and handset numbers have quadrupled.

The report was put together using mobile data from Three and a survey of 2,000 UK adults conducted by Opinium, and is designed to depict some snapshot of mobile usage albeit through the lens of Three’s customer base.

The chief thing the report highlights is how much business it’s getting out of 5G now – with 5G handset usage having quadrupled in 2021 (by which we assume that means how many people bought one) and Three’s 5G network usage having increased by 385% – which is now double that of its 3G network. The report also predicts that 5G will account for 35% of data usage by the end of 2022.

Some other data points highlighted in the report including; 50% of Brits say they are streaming TV and films rather watching live or on DVD, 81% of monthly data peaks were linked to football matches in the last two years, and also include a prediction that 2022 is set to be the ‘year of the phone call’ with 39% of people now preferring calling to texting.

“It’s out with the old, in with the new for mobile users in the UK,” said Carlo Melis, Chief Network Officer at Three. “5G has taken off like never before and it’s telling that it has now surpassed 3G data usage on our network. Superfast connectivity is the future for our customers – with sport and entertainment streaming two of the key drivers of data surges in the last year.

“To keep up with the demand for data, we are investing more than £2bn in transforming our network and IT infrastructure, with 5G now live in over 370 locations covering half of the UK population. Speedy connectivity is so important for those small, everyday moments we all take for granted. Whether that’s calling a loved one to talk about your day, getting everyone together to watch your favourite film on a Sunday or basking in the glory of a win from your local football team – connectivity brings us together.”

Three Mobile Britain 1

Three mobile britain 2

You can’t extrapolate anything too wide based on data from one operator and/or a commissioned survey, but it’s a snapshot and goes some way to describing pacy growth for both 5G handset and network in the UK over the last year or so.


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