Snapchat tops list of UK’s most deleted apps

For every 100,000 UK Snapchat users, 971 are searching how to delete the app, according to a new bit of research.

Spurred by the hunger to know which apps Brits delete the most, Bespoke Software Solutions has done a report analysing which were the most popular apps of 2021 and cross referenced it with monthly user data for each app and how many times people search for queries related to deleting the apps, based on info from analytics tool

Based on that methodology, Snapchat is apparently the app most Brits want to delete, with 971.64 ‘how to delete’ searches per 100,000 users. Here’s the top ten list::

1) Snapchat – 971.64 delete searches/100,000 users

2) Instagram – 917.31 delete searches/100,000 users

3) Twitch – 270.83 delete searches/100,000 users

4 ) Facebook – 141.16 delete searches/100,000 users

5) Google Meet – 133.33 delete searches/100,000 users

6) Twitter – 63.78 delete searches/100,000 users

7) Zoom – 48.41 delete searches/100,000 users

8) WhatsApp – 31.81 delete searches/100,000 users

9) Netflix – 26.27 delete searches/100,000 users

10) Disney+ – 16.17 delete searches/100,000 users

Not featured in this list is TikTok, who’s ad revenues will surpass those of Twitter and Snapchat combined this year, according to research from Insider Intelligence.

“TikTok’s user base has exploded in the past couple of years, and the amount of time users spend on the app is extraordinary,” said Insider Intelligence Analyst Debra Aho Williamson. “It has moved well beyond its roots as a lip-syncing and dancing app; it creates trends and fosters deep connections with creators that keep users engaged, video after video.”

You can probably expect a bit of to-and-fro with lists like this year on year, and the methodology isn’t exactly bullet proof, but studies like this might serve as some sort of rough bellwether for the fortunes of social media platforms in the ever raging battleground that is the attention economy.

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