Windows 8 to create demand for Microsoft phones

The launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system for PCs, laptops and tablets could ignite demand for its Windows Phone 8 products, according to research firm Informa Telecoms and Media. Malik Saadi, principal analyst at the firm was impressed by the OS and believes it could have a “halo effect” on Microsoft’s efforts in the mobile space.

Windows 8 OS was launched shortly after the firm’s Windows Phone 8 OS and the two platforms share source code and interoperability. Microsoft’s goal is to move away from the ageing PC experience which is specific to desktops and notebooks, and is instead common across all platforms, including tablets and handsets.

The system is designed to bring a touchscreen experience to PCs and laptops, which will also continue to support keyboard and mouse input methods.

“With the addition of touchscreen to the Windows 8 OS, users will become familiarised with how to interact with the platform, and it could have a halo effect as users find it easier and more intuitive to interact with Windows Phone devices.”

He added that touchscreen and, increasingly, gesture and voice recognition, have helped make smartphones and tablets very popular. By introducing those interaction methods to the desktop environment, developers will be able to target a wider audience of users using the application development framework and the same set of APIs.

“This will enable Microsoft to grab new opportunities in markets that it was not able to tap into before, including tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes and other consumer electronics devices,” said Saadi.

“Previous versions of the Windows platform were not designed for a multi-touch experience but Windows 8 is likely to change the game.”

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