Ericsson and DT collaborate over ‘sustainable’ 5G radio

ericsson and Deutsche Telekom sustainable 5g

German telco group Deutsche Telekom and Swedish kit vendor Ericsson have built a solar and wind energy powered 5G site, which they say can be self sufficient given the right conditions.

The site, which is in the Bavarian municipality of Dittenheim, has been part-powered by energy from solar panels since the joint initiative began more than a year ago and currently has 12 square meters of solar modules. Ericsson and Deutsche Telekom have now added a wind turbine into the mix, which is apparently capable of providing up to five kilowatts of additional power.

Theoretically the site can be operated on a stand-alone basis without falling back on the power grid – as long as weather conditions support it, which is the perennial crux of all wind and solar power stations. However the firms say that based on initial tests more energy could be generated than is consumed, on windy days at least.

In terms of the inner workings of the thing, joint control of the two power sources and the batteries are integrated into the same management system that controls the Radio Access Network, which apparently means it will allow for easy integration into existing sites in the future.

The next phase of the project will see the integration of additional energy sources such as fuel cells which will replace the need for energy diesel generators, the firms say.

“Ensuring an integrated management of clean, efficient and reliable power sources and usage is key for sustainable mobile site operations,” said Leif Heitzer, SVP Technology Guidance and Economics at Deutsche Telekom. “Together with innovative partners we explore in trials how we can apply intelligent solutions and capabilities to optimize energy consumption and control at mobile sites.”

Heather Johnson, Vice President for Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at Ericsson added: “At Ericsson, we are committed to working with our customers to support them in cutting their carbon emissions. This partnership is a great example of how we’re achieving this through our best-in-class energy efficient equipment, which can be operated entirely with renewable energy.”

While the energy crisis is causing issues for domestic budgets, the same pressures will be felt in business and industry. With no obvious solution around the corner to various situations which have led to it, such as the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, there is added merit to self-sustaining renewable energy based masts beyond the also worthwhile pursuit of finding ways for industry to produce less pollution whilst also maintaining normal operations.


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