Nokia expands enterprise offering with new 5G gizmos and digital twin product

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The Finnish kit vendor has unveiled a new spread of 5G enabled industrial equipment and an accompanying Nokia Network Digital Twin service to create virtual replicas of workspaces.

Nokia has partnered with manufacturer partner Savox on some new accessories, which includes  hand-held remote speaker microphones (RSMs), headsets with noise cancellation and helmet compatible headsets, designed to help those is tough or dangerous environments such as first responders or mining engineers. Users will be able to communicate without having to remove protective equipment, is the general idea – but probably quite handy if you’re in a particularly nasty situation.

The firm has also launched the Nokia Industrial 5G video camera, which can be connected to a private 5G network and provides real-time video analysis, face recognition, object detection, defect detection, road sign detection and driving recording.

Finally the Nokia Network Digital Twin enables companies to view their network’s real time and historical performance, measured from Nokia Industrial devices deployed on premise. Apparently It recommends actions to take in case of sub-optimal network performance, and scenarios can be tested without impacting the actual environment. Nokia says this will be partiocualy useful in ‘innovative new industrial use cases’ which use private wireless 5G SA networks.

“We have a long history of collaborating with professionals who work in harsh and demanding locations; therefore, we have a real understanding of their needs,” said Valtteri Seraste, Strategic Sales at Savox Communications. “We are laser focused on delivering innovative end-user dedicated solutions. With Nokia we can now offer our wearable devices to even more users, help improve their safety and enhance team communication with durable and robust communications solutions.”

Shkumbin Hamiti, Head of Devices and Spectrum, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia Cloud and Network Services added: “Nokia is committed to continually enhancing our private wireless offering and expanding our ecosystem through partner offerings to meet the many diverse and complex challenges that our customers face. We are pleased to introduce our new digital twin capabilities for private wireless and work with Savox to deliver solutions that meet the needs across industries.”

It’s been said before, but while industrial 5G applications might not be as sexy as (sometimes questionable) consumer use cases, or the broad strokes that describe future smart city possibilities, they do provide most of the practical examples of how the technology can bring something tangible to the table.


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