Vodafone says it’s now the number one full fibre provider in the UK

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UK operator Vodafone has announced its full fibre broadband offering now reaches 8 million homes and that it has overtaken previous leader BT by that metric.

Vodafone says its deal with CityFibre last November ‘established it as CityFibre’s anchor customer’, and that it made long-term volume commitments across CityFibre’s entire rollout as part of a £4 billion investment programme. Vodafone indulges in a bit more boasting of its full fibre features, which includes hybrid 4G broadband back-up, something called ‘super wi-fi guarantee’ and built in Alexa tech in its router boosters.

Vodafone describes its recent investment in full fibre as its ‘continued support for the expansion of full fibre networks across the UK and determination to encourage wholesale infrastructure competition in the market.’ Which is a very grand way of saying it moved into a market area in order to make money from it, as all businesses would admit they are entirely focussed on doing if they were honest.

“During the current cost of living crisis we want consumers to know there is no need to pay too much for an equivalent broadband product, and we urge them to take a look around to get the best price possible,” said Max Taylor, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK. “Most major broadband providers, including Vodafone offer the same Openreach service so customers can switch their broadband and often save hundreds of pounds. As Vodafone now offers Full Fibre to 8 million homes, more than anyone else, more families than ever before can get the most reliable broadband technology, at an affordable price from a brand they know and trust.”

As companies jostle for positions, you can’t necessarily blame them when they boast about being in pole position, though Vodafone does rather specifically mention BT several times in the release, claiming that “The shift comes as BT confirms its reduced focus on full fibre broadband” and that Vodafone services “can save customers hundreds of pounds versus equivalent BT plans, both provided by Openreach – vital savings during the cost-of-living crisis.”

Presumably BT would take issue with the idea as a company it has reduced its focus on full fibre – though perhaps this is a reference to the rebranding move it made in April which positioned EE as the core consumer facing unit, while the BT label is more focussed on b2b adventures. It is, of course, still the same firm though.


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