Telia moves to majority renewable energy in Denmark and Estonia

Swedish operator group Telia has entered into a couple of ‘Power Purchase Agreements’, which constitutes increasing the amount of wind and solar energy that powers its Nordic and Baltic footprint.

Telia has entered into an agreement with Better Energy in Denmark which stipulates that 125 GWh of additional renewable electricity will be supplied to the Danish electricity grid per year, and as part of this agreements Better Energy will build a new solar cell park which will be hooked up within three years. This will supply renewable electricity to Telia’s and Telenor’s joint TTN network, and will represent 75 percent of its power consumption by 2024.

Meanwhile in Estonia, another renewable electricity agreement with public energy Company Eesti Energia will see it supply 156 GWh of renewable wind electricity to Telia over five years – representing 70 percent of the power needs of Telia’s fixed and mobile network, server rooms, control centre and offices.

“To deliver sustainably and support the transition to low carbon societies, Telia is committed to run our networks and business only on renewable electricity,” said Rainer Deutschmann, Group Chief Operating Officer at Telia Company. “Moving into the PPA space is an important step to achieve that long-term, while providing certainty to both energy producers and us as a buyer.”

There’s no mention of how much cash Telia dropped in order to facilitate these energy agreements, however it seems like a tangible and sizable move towards powering its operations though renewable methods, and the firm would appear to have form in this area. In January it launched a pilot in Sweden with energy storage provider Polarium to optimize network energy usage and reduce electricity costs, and it intends to have a ‘climate-neutral value chain’ by 2030.


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