Nokia, Telekom Serbia and MTEL test a 600Gbps optical network over 600km

Kit vendor Nokia has successfully deployed and tested a 600Gbps line rate on Telekom Serbia and MTEL’s optical transport network, over a distance of 600km between Banja Luka and Belgrade.

The mission to pipe generous quantities of data through the network utilized Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch powered by a PSE-Vs chipset, and the whole endeavour was undertaken in order to lay ‘the foundation for future growth to meet the needs of low latency, high-capacity traffic demands enabling the transport of 100GE and 400GE services,’ we’re told.

The 600km path consisted of 6 spans, through C-F ROADM nodes. By operating over spectrally efficient 100GHz WDM channels, Telekom Serbia and MTEL will be able to keep things efficient while lowering network TCO, they say.

“We are proud of our ongoing partnership with Telekom Serbia and support the group in executing its strategy of maintaining market leadership in telecommunication services and content in Balkan region,” Nicolas Almendro, VP, Europe Nokia Optical Networks.

CTO, Telekom Serbia, Djordje Marovic, CTO M-Tel Milan Aleksijevic added: “We are continuing to invest into the latest WDM technology to serve our customers with more demanding traffic growth, low latency requirements and agility for their traffic patterns.”

As well as these long range city to city connections, Telekom Serbia is also planning to deploy 1830 PSS equipment (PSS-16 and PSS-8x) in two new ‘regional rings’ to provide some scalable networks based on wavelength division multiplexing to serve local residential and business customers.


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