The final, final deadline looms for a chance at telecoms immortality

Despite having months to prepare, many companies have left it to the last minute to submit their entries to the 2022 Glotel Awards.

Thankfully the powers that be at Glotel Towers have once more taken pity on the over-stretched telecoms industry and extended the entry deadline all the way to 6 October. But that’s it, we’re told there’s absolutely no room for manoeuvre after that. Beg and plead all you want, it’s out of their hands.

That gives you at most a week to get your act together, something loads of other companies seem to have already done. Apparently the prospect of having a proper live event, featuring an excellent comedian, to celebrate the best achievements from across the telecoms industry has motivated lots of people to complete their entries already.

So if you think your company has knocked it out of the park in the past year or so then why not get involved? Competition will be intense but that just adds to the glory afforded to the winners. So take a look at the categories and get a move on if any of them catch your eye.


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