EE dips a toe into domestic security

UK operator EE is launching a smart home security product alongside Verisure, and a cyber security offering in partnership with Norton.

EE has recruited home security firm Verisure and cyber security firm Norton to sell some consumer packages in both sectors, which we are told is part of its “journey to become the most personal customer-focussed technology brand in the UK, highlighting its commitment to introduce new products and services beyond connectivity.”

EE and Verisure will ‘collaborate to evolve the smart home security market’ under a snappy new brand called ‘EE Smart Home Security, powered by Verisure’ The first phase of this is a monitored home alarm package. The service is installed by Verisure security engineers and monitored by Verisure’s Alarm Receiving Centre, allowing customers to speak to the Alarm Centre at any time through the SOS feature. It’s also ‘backed up’ by EE we’re assured, which presumably means connectivity – surely a given if this is being sold to EE customers, but there you go.

EE Cyber Security Powered by Norton meanwhile will launch in November. As you’d expect this is a security product available for mobile, offering all the things such software usually provides. There isn’t much detail on what is offered here beyond what you might normally get from a security app – though EE seems to be throwing in an ‘annual online check’ through the EE website, letting customers know if their email address has been exposed on the dark web.

“Launching EE security is the latest example of how we’re transforming the EE brand, by introducing new ways to provide our customers with exciting products and services that enhance both their in-and-out of home experience,” said Marc Allera, CEO at EE. “We know that the security market is hugely important to UK consumers and see huge scope to help customers protect their home and digital life. In addition to partnering with these leaders in the security space, we will also separately look to explore how connectivity can play a part in the very latest innovations, from smart drone protection and wi-fi sensing, to smart security robotics, AI and whatever else the future holds for smart security.”

Austin Lally, CEO at Verisure added: “As the no.1 in Europe for home security solutions, we are committed to protecting what matters most to people. We believe this partnership is a great complement to our core range of monitored home security solutions, offering even more choice to customers. It is a great opportunity to combine our best-in-class security technology and services with EE’s best mobile connectivity, great brand, and personal and local customer service to give more people access to our unique peace of mind services and transform the home security market in the UK.”

The announcement says that these two partnerships are the first of many new agreements that will see ‘customers offered new and exciting services beyond connectivity’, so you can presumably expect more to come in other telco adjacent sectors.

It’s not clear how much of this is just white label branding on existing products the specialists already produce, and it’s certainly not obvious what EE would be bringing to the table in either cyber or home security other than a well known regional brand and an existing customer base to flog to. What does seem clear is that EE is looking to trade in more than just connectivity, and wants us to know it’s on a ‘journey to become the most personal customer-focussed technology brand in the UK’, whatever that means.


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