Weve signs with HR outsourcer

The m -commerce joint venture between UK operators Everything Everywhere, O2 and Vodafone; Weve (formerly Project Oscar)is going down the outsourcing route to grow quickly. The JV will outsource HR, payroll and recruitment functions to HR outsourcing specialist plusHR.

Weve said that it chose to outsource these functions as it looks to grow from 40 staff to 150 at its London office by the end of its first year.

“By virtue of starting as a joint venture, rather than a typical start-up, we found ourselves to be a sizeable organisation from day one, with no time to grow slowly,” explained Heather Wootton, HR lead at Weve.

She added that the firm needed to put into place an HR management functions in a way that distinguished Weve from its parent companies.

“Considering the speed with which we are aiming to grow our headcount, the aim for Weve’s HR activity has always been to keep things as simple and agile as possible and escape the complexity of process that has, at times, constrained our parent companies,” Wooton added.

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