TIM finalises 4G coverage on Milan-Florence high-speed rail

A collaboration between all four Italian MNOs and the FS Group, led by Telecom Italia (TIM), has seen the completion of 4G coverage on high-speed rail line and tunnels between Milan-Florence.

The network will be provided both through an on-board WiFi service as well as direct coverage by all participating operators. The 4G coverage aims to provide passengers with stable connectivity even in rail tunnels considered as ‘most unfavourable areas’, TIM said.

Meanwhile, required technical checks are planned to complete in the coming weeks together with FS Italiane Group, the Italian state rail. The goal of the project is to provide more reliable voice and data connectivity on high-speed lines, said TIM in an announcement. This will help guarantee a high quality service for passengers on the high-speed trains. Other operators involved in the upgrade works are Iliad, Vodafone and WINDTRE.

The works accomplished on the Milan-Florence section of the wider Bologna-Florence line has taken place within the original completion timeline, but more work is planned for 2023 on the remainder of this line. FS Italiane Group also aims to extend the operations to conventional lines. Such extension looks to start with the busiest routes that will benefit the passengers on Intercity and Regional trains as well as freight railway companies.

While the activation of the system marks the official completion of the HS line, the 4G upgrade works were already accomplished in the summer of this year. These included upgrading of the telecom systems as well as boosting the capacity of the network’s supply equipment.


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