China warns Germany against abusing state power over Huawei

In answer to a question posed by a journalist, a Chinese Embassy spokesperson warned Germany not to abuse its power by banning Chinese kit from its 5G networks.

The spokesperson was responding to reports that The German federal government is planning to ban operators from using kit from Chinese manufacturers Huawei and ZTE, which would affect components that have already been installed by German operators as well as future deployments.

The report claimed the German Government for months has been looking to ascertain whether components running the country’s 5G network ‘could endanger German security.’ Similar bans have already been made in the US and UK on security grounds.

In a quote published on its website, the Chinese embassy gave a candid response, warning such a move would delay Germany’s 5G rollout and pointed out how embedded Huawei equipment is within Germany’s network infrastructure. Here is the English version as translated by Google:

The Chinese side has noticed that the German media reported that the German government intends to ban Chinese technology companies from participating in the construction of key infrastructure in Germany.

For a long time, Huawei has operated in compliance with laws and regulations, and its technology complies with safety standards. According to European data, Huawei accounts for nearly 60% of Germany’s 5G network equipment, making positive contributions to the construction of Germany’s communication infrastructure. In recent years, countries and anti-China forces have continued to attempt to smear Huawei with trumped-up charges, but there has never been any evidence that Huawei equipment and components pose security risks. If the report is true, the Chinese side is very puzzled and strongly dissatisfied with the hasty decision made by relevant German government departments without factual basis.

China firmly opposes Germany’s generalizing the concept of national security and abusing state power to interfere in the market in its cooperation with China. This not only violates economic laws and the principle of fair competition, but also harms others and does not benefit itself. China has noticed that relevant German and European companies have stated that the German government’s actions will delay the construction and promotion of Germany’s 5G network and cause additional costs. The German government should listen carefully to its domestic voices of reason.

China firmly opposes any practice of politicizing corporate investment and management and pan-securityizing it. It is hoped that the German side will create a fair, just, open and non-discriminatory business environment for Chinese companies, and do more to promote mutual benefit instead of the opposite.

The claim that Huawei kit underpins nearly 60% of Germany’s 5G network seems to tally with analyst reports on the matter. Germany is known to be quite advanced in it’s 5G rollout, so were a ‘rip and replace’ order be put in by the government, the Chinese Embassy’s point is that this would be extremely expensive and disruptive to German network infrastructure.

While that’s a very important point, you’d like to think it’s one the German authorities have already considered. The bans on Huawei are being couched as matters of national security, so it could be that such a ban goes ahead regardless of the cost. But for now we are aware of no official announcement from the Bundestag either way.


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  1. Avatar trust 10/03/2023 @ 9:17 pm

    it seems the right time to get some stop to the abuse of USA to ban and sanctions without any specific reasons.

    Just a political, alias power dominated expression to do what they like to do, no extra element.

    Just as we observing the NATO creating allies in Japan, making democratic changes in Georgia just for reaching their goal> want to divide Russia and dominate Russia, as will shortly get similar with China

    USA and Nato has shown no democratic logic just power abuse as the world seems to listen what they say

  2. Avatar Thomas Teong 13/03/2023 @ 12:41 pm

    The terms of US are for US and to the goodbeing of US , not necessary worthy for others to follow.

  3. Avatar Zennge 14/03/2023 @ 7:32 pm

    America is bullying the world to follow it’s command. That’s all they left in their arsenal, including also military industrial complex, printing money and technological advantages. The reason America is bullying Europe and certain Asian countries is because if these occupied countries can manage to wriggle free, America is going to fall apart. What is holding it together is it’s ability to control the movement of money worldwide making their currency which is backed by nothing the dominant one. Compare that with China, Deutschland, Japan and South Korea, these countries produce tangible goods. To grasp the extent of the weaknesses of the Dollar look at the size of the American budget. In really terms that is several hundred billions, not trillions they want the world to believe. In America a company valued at $10bln, it will be worth about a couple hundred million dollars anywhere in the world. That’s how useless the American currency has become. A living example is Toyota and Tesla. The former produces more hybrid cars than the later, never mind its combustion engine cars but it is valued at fraction of Tesla. People work up from your slumber and smell the coffee. Who is fooling who?
    However we should also acknowledge some good coming out of America. In summary I would say that America is not an Angel nor is it a Devil 👿. However they need to mind more of the state of their country than poke noses in other people’s affairs. With over 5 million homeless people,they would do better to fix their house first.

  4. Avatar happiman 21/03/2023 @ 6:11 pm

    Covid19 Pandemic by Chinese people and Brainwashed Pandemic by the EVIL CCP are so harmful as you read the comments. Whole world wants the collapse of CCP in 2023.

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