India drives global RAN sector growth

The latest radio access networking kit sector numbers from Dell’Oro reveal stronger than expected growth, thanks mainly to the APAC region.

“Despite lackluster topline growth, the quarter was actually very interesting both from a regional and supplier perspective,” said Stefan Pongratz of Dell’Oro Group. “Not surprisingly, growth is now transitioning away from the advanced markets towards the slower-to-adopt 5G markets.

“But the speed of this shift was perhaps a bit surprising as the pendulum swung drastically towards the positive in India while the North American RAN market performed much worse than expected.

“And from a supplier perspective, vendor rankings were, for the most part, stable in the quarter. Vendor revenue shares, however, were impacted by the vastly different growth trajectories across the suppliers,” concluded Pongratz.

Among those suppliers is seems Nokia was the top performer, taking share mainly from Ericsson and Samsung in the process, according to Dell’Oro. This is part of a longer-term trend of Nokia increasing its share of RAN revenue outside of China, while Ericsson is especially exposed to the US market. And the India news comes as little surprise given the data reported by big RAN vendors recently.


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