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A report from GWS says VMO2 provides the ‘best combined connectivity’ in the UK when measuring bundled mobile and fixed connections together.

The report is described as a ‘first of its kind look into digital connectivity as consumers experience it’ and by that it means its methodology is to combine results from mobile and fixed packages into one score, the idea being to see what bundles offer the best performance overall.

The research was put together over a six month period of data collection from GWS, during which it performed over 143,000 speed and reliability tests from UK firms offering such bundles. The tests were done at random times and measured reliability and performance across uploads, downloads, and video streaming on both the mobile network and wifi from a panel of 5,200 participants.

The fastest download speeds clocked by a combined provider were seen by VMO2, coming in 138Mbps average, followed by BT/EE at 64Mbps. Average download speeds across all major combined providers were registered at 82Mbps.

In terms of uploads, VMO2 topped the list again with a 26 Mbps average, while BT/EE was second at 21Mbps, and third was Sky/Sky Mobile at 17Mbps.

“In today’s world, we want a reliable and fast mobile internet connection at all times,” said Dr Paul Carter, CEO, GWS. “It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you just need your data connection to work. Consumers want the full package – more people are taking out bundled services for mobile and broadband, and data usage is up.

“But despite big market consolidation, it’s hard to know which is the best overall provider if you’re using both ISP and mobile operator services. That’s why we decided to shed the light on real-life performance of mobile and WiFi bundle offerings, giving the most informed view of the connectivity experience people are getting on their phones, wherever they are.”

It should be noted in other more straightforward rankings EE has tended to come out on top for 5G, so while this focus on combined bundles from GWS is quite a specific metric by which to go by it will no doubt be held as a win for VMO2 all the same.

GWS combined connectivity experience

GWS combined connectivity experience 2

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