Ericsson launches new AI lab in Vietnam

Artificial intelligence

Kit vendor Ericsson and RMIT University have signed an agreement to launch an AI lab at the latter’s campus in Hanoi, Vietnam, designed to bolster education in AI and 5G related technology.

The lab’s mission is to help drum up some AI expertise and generate applications to help industry 4.0 concepts in sectors such as energy, manufacturing, agriculture, transport and logistics, alongside the Vietnamese government’s National Strategy for Digital Transformation which is designed to accelerate the adoption of such things.

The unit will concentrate on ‘integrated training’ in 5G, AI,ML,AR,VR, automation, cloud and edge computing, blockchain and related technologies, and is an extension of an existing ‘5G education collaboration’ between RMIT and Ericsson.

“This AI Lab builds on the previously launched 5G education collaboration with RMIT in Vietnam and represents a significant step in building a high-tech industry-ready workforce in Vietnam through strategic industry-academia partnerships, whilst helping further advance the start-up and innovation ecosystem across the nation, said Denis Brunetti, Head of Ericsson Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

“The 5G-ready young talent and AI applications that this collaboration expects to produce will serve to accelerate Vietnam’s Industry 4.0 agenda, as well as its ambition to become an AI hub in ASEAN by 2030. Indeed, it will drive and create the next wave of sustained and inclusive socio-economic development in Vietnam, enabled by science, technology and innovation.”

Professor Claire Macken, Pro Vice-Chancellor and General Director of RMIT Vietnam added: “As part of our strategic focus, RMIT aims to contribute to an overall uplift of technological capabilities for Vietnam to be positioned in digital industries, and the future of digital transformation.

“Our links into industry, such as this growing partnership with Ericsson, ensure graduates have the practical skills necessary to succeed in fast-evolving business environments, filling emerging skills gaps and assisting Vietnam’s transition to a value-added economy.”

Earlier this year, Ericsson teamed up with the University of Ottawa and the Université de Sherbrooke to establish a new Quantum research hub in Montreal, Canada, designed to crunch quantum-based algorithms for accelerating processing in telecom networks and distributed quantum computing.

And in late 2022 the kit vendor announced it will invest tens of millions of pounds over the next 10 years in a new UK 6G research unit that will employ 20 researchers, and offer support to PhD students working alongside other academics as well as telcos and other industry partners.


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