Nokia drops new 25G PON starter kit for operators

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Nokia’s 25G PON (Passive Optical Network) starter kit solution is pitched as offering operators tools to ‘maximize and monetize’ 10Gbs+ deployments.

The 25G PON kit is supposed to provide operators with ‘everything they need to accelerate the deployment of high-speed connectivity to businesses’, and each kit has the capability to connect up to 10 businesses.

Nokia says ‘10Gbs business connectivity has emerged as the golden standard in markets worldwide’, and that 25G PON can allow operators to leverage their existing fibre assets to deliver these speeds to businesses, farms, schools, and other enterprises.

The 25G PON starter kit bundles all of the fibre broadband technology needed to deliver 1, 10 and 25G PON services to end-users including line cards, optics and Optical Network Terminals (ONTs). All this can help the customer with resource-intensive cloud-based applications, virtual reality and AI, we’re told.

“With the 25G PON starter program, we help operators seize the lucrative opportunities presented by 10G+ connectivity,” said Geert Heyninck, General Manager Broadband Networks at Nokia. “The 25G PON kits are available immediately and provide operators with the tools needed to quickly deploy and capitalize on the growing number of multi-gig broadband services consumers and enterprises seek – all on their existing fiber network.”

Rupert Wood, Research Director at Analysys Mason, was drafted into the release, saying: “Depending on the SLAs, practically all of that dedicated connectivity market is addressable for an operator with 25GS-PON capability. The addition of 25GS-PON to XGS-PON makes the fastest-growing portion in revenue terms, ‘true’10Gbit/s (and even above) symmetrical connectivity, addressable right now.”

Last month, UK altnet CityFibre took its XGS-PON service to market, launching a 2.5 Gbps wholesale consumer broadband product. The firm aims to enable XGS-PON at 90% of its fibre exchanges by the end of this year, making 2.5 Gbps services available to approximately 20% of its addressable footprint.

Stephen Kingdom, CTO of Xantaro described the benefits of PON in our recent deep dive into broadband architecture: “PON (Passive Optical Network) technology is used for FTTH. XGS-PON is being deployed by many broadband providers today and enables ultra-fast broadband of up to 10Gbps symmetrical upload and download. We are also now starting to see commercial trials of 25G-PON (25Gbps symmetrically), offering even higher speeds and greater capacity.”

To find out more, check out Understanding broadband and its evolution in which our panel of experts explore the current state of the fibre rollout and how technologies like Fixed Wireless Access and satellites are developing to provide additional techniques of improving the world’s internet access.


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