You’ve got a bit longer than you thought to complete your Glotels entry

Perhaps distracted by the unexpected UK heatwave, people are now clamouring for more time to complete their submissions to the 2023 Glotel Awards.

When they opened for submissions way back in June, the deadline for submitting entries to the Awards was clearly stated as ‘Sunday 10th September 2023’. And yet, with that date nearly upon us, the awards team has been inundated with pleas for a bit more time. So they have decided to take the unprecedented step of extending the deadline to Friday 22 September.

But that’s it, OK? There will be no further extensions and, frankly, if you can’t get it together to submit your entry by then, your commitment to the process has to be called into question. It’s not complicated; you simply go to the dedicated Glotels site and click on the prominent, yellow box that says ‘ENTER THE GLOTEL AWARDS NOW’. There’s even an FAQ section and an email address to contact the team directly if you still have any questions.

“I’m really looking forward to the Awards evening this year, which will feature one of my favourite comedians – Simon Evans,” said Editor Scott Bicheno, who will once more co-host the event. “I might be a bit knackered as I’ll be doing another event at the same location during the day, but I have no doubt that the pleasure of meeting so many industry colleagues in person, perhaps augmented by a bit of bubbly at the reception, will give me more than enough energy.”

So what are you waiting for? If you think your company has done anything exceptional in the telecoms space in the past year or so, why not tell the world about it and look to get the recognition it deserves? You’ve got two weeks at most to do so.


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