Netcracker launches generative AI tool for telcos

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The Netcracker GenAI Telco Solution promises to provide operators with a tool to make the most of generative AI by feeding data firectly into them.

Netcracker asserts that the telco business is very specialised, with most of its data highly confidential and a large proportion of it changes constantly, creating challenges for operators to leverage real-time data. And thus the pitch is that a generative AI tool can help them out with that.

The GenAI Telco Solution can build, test and optimise telco-focused scenarios, such as customer care, business operations, sales and network operations. It also includes something called an GenAI Trust Gateway, which we’re told integrates with the telco IT and data analytics environment, works in real time to create personalized prompts and obfuscates sensitive telco data.

Netcracker has integrated this tool with ‘the most popular commercial GenAI models’, which it says creates a unified approach let operators choose their preferred combination of public and private models that best meets their tastes. So it seems to be about layering a specialised tool on top of the raw AI magic provided by ChatGPT and the like.

“As one of the most significant impacts of GenAI will stem from its ability to quickly run through customer data sets and utilize the information for custom content, there is a need to protect personally identifiable information. This information is typically stored in operator’s BSS/OSS systems,” said Ari Banerjee, SVP of Strategy at Netcracker.

“With the GenAI Telco Solution, Netcracker has combined its extensive telecom IT domain leadership and expertise with AI technology innovations. Netcracker has integrated its solution with the most popular commercial GenAI models, creating a unified approach enabling CSPs to choose their preferred combination of public and private models that best meet their business needs and maximize return on investment.”

Bob Titus, CTO at Netcracker added: “The Netcracker GenAI Telco Solution enables service providers to securely tap into their telco data and maximize the value from multiple GenAI models and platforms. When leveraging enterprise telco data with GenAI, it is crucial to address the data privacy, security and quality concerns. Our solution and library of interaction models allow service providers to quickly generate tangible business value from GenAI for their customers and their internal operations.”

Using the direct customer relationships operators have, and the vast data pools that come with them, to open up new bespoke business opportunities or efficiencies is not unlike what’s been promised with network Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in general, of which a large amount of noise was being made at MWC this year.

While a lot of that remains in the ether, Netcracker says it has some out-of-the-box use cases for each area of the telco business for the GenAI Telco Solution, so a ready to go product may prove of interest to cash strapped operators willing to take a punt on the voguish world of generative AI to find an edge.


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