Nokia launches AI tool for operators

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Kit vendor Nokia has launched AVA Data Suite, designed to standardise data and facilitate the development of AI and machine learning apps for operators.

The tool runs on Google Cloud and is supposed to serve up pre-correlated data packages across 4G, 5G, and fixed domains in order to feed AI systems tasked with enhancing network performance and sustainability, improving subscriber experience, and creating new revenue streams.

It’s integrated with with Google Cloud’s BigQuery and Vertex AI. BigQuery’s ‘scalable and serverless data warehouse architecture’ can apparently serve as a data source or the data storage for Nokia AVA Data Suite. Vertex AI meanwhile provides the infrastructure for building and training AI/ML models, for things such as network optimization or predictive maintenance.

We’re told the AVA Data Suite works in conjunction with Nokia’s AVA Open Analytics, which Nokia describes as an automation framework that helps operators move away from ‘monolithic, centralized data lakes to a hybrid data mesh architecture that abstracts technical complexity and allows data scientists to focus instead on the needs of their AI/ML use cases.’

The chief benefit of all this appears to be about how long it takes to get some AI/ML systems spun up, which can be ‘dramatically slashed to a mere three to four weeks’ compared to what it claims would be an ‘arduous four-month timeline.’

“The integration of Nokia AVA Data Suite with Google Cloud provides CSPs with a standard library of high quality reusable network and IT data products,” said Vivek Gupta, Head of Telco AI Solutions and Partnerships, Google Cloud. “This collaboration will help CSPs unleash the full potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to build, manage, and maintain their networks.”

Hamdy Farid, Senior Vice President, Business Applications at Nokia added: “Nokia AVA Data Suite represents the latest step we have taken to provide CSPs with deep intelligence across our security, automation, and monetization solutions. Through our important partnership with Google Cloud, we can help CSP’s accelerate AI/ML projects and move them closer to realizing zero-touch automation for managing and improving their network operations and services.”

There is a growing number of telco-specific AI tools entering the market. Last week Netcracker launched its GenAI Telco Solution, which can apparently build, test and optimise telco-focused scenarios, such as customer care, business operations, sales and network operations.


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