Orange solution helps development projects in Africa

A software solution created by Orange is set to help African academic institutions, organisations and NGOs in their mobile services development projects.

Emerginov, a solution produced by the operator group’s R&D subsidiary Orange Labs, incorporates multiple open source software components and enables the development of applications based on SMS or on vocal interfaces. The solution can provide simple services, giving mobile users access to expertise or health, agriculture and trade information.

It is already being used in a remote training initiative for Madagascan teachers who, equipped with a mobile phone and a solar recharger, can access educational content embedded in their phones. If they leave questions on a voice server; they also receive an SMS when the answers are available.

Experiments with m-health in Senegal and m-agriculture in Mali are also using features of Emerginov. The objective is to broaden access to the internet in West Africa via handsets.


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