Bush backs Qualcomm ban

US chip shop Broadcom was probably celebrating on Monday evening after securing its victory over Qualcomm in the long running patent dispute between the two firms.

On Monday, the Bush administration let stand the US International Trade Commission (ITC) order barring the importation of Qualcomm chips and phones containing those chips that infringe a Broadcom patent.

The ITC had ruled on the ban in June, after finding that Qualcomm’s cellular baseband chips infringe five claims of one of Broadcom’s US patents.

The order had been subject to a 60-day presidential review period.

“We are gratified by the decision of US Trade Representative Susan Schwab not to intervene in this case,” said David Dull, Broadcom’s senior vice president and general counsel. “We hope today’s White House decision will encourage Qualcomm to resolve this and our other disputes through prompt negotiations with Broadcom,” he said.

Qualcomm said it will appeal and renew its request for a stay of the ban. The company maintains that none of Broadcom’s patent claims are valid or were infringed upon by Qualcomm

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