Volvo teams with Ericsson on connected cars

Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has announced it will use local infrastructure vendor Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud solution in order to allow drivers, passengers and the car to connect to services available in the cloud.

Volvo drivers will be able to access in-car applications for information, navigation and entertainment. Content providers will have agreements with Volvo and the other members of the ecosystem, such as internet radio providers, road authorities, cities’ governments, and toll-road operators.

“We clearly see that cars in the near future will integrate the same level of digital services that consumers today are used to having in their homes or at work,” said Lex Kerssemakers, senior VP for product strategy and vehicle line management at Volvo. “This is a strategically important part of Volvo’s investments for the future where we intend to take a leading position.

“On top of this both companies share the same ambition to develop industry leading solutions in line with our shared vision of the future based on a networked society,” Kerssemakers added.

Look out for the next issue of MCI, where we delve into the world of connected cars and examine how the market is progressing.


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