Microsoft outlines Windows app store plans

Software giant Microsoft has put more flesh on the bones of its own app store plans this week ahead of the launch of Windows Marketplace for Mobile later this year.

Most importantly for applications developers, Microsoft will cream 30 per cent off the top of revenues from app sales, and will allow developers to set their own prices.

Up to five application submissions to Windows Marketplace are included in an introductory annual registration fee of $99, with each additional submission within the annual period costing a further $99. The registration fee is waived for students enrolled in the Microsoft DreamSpark program.

When it launches in the fourth quarter of this year, with a showcase of around 20,000 apps, of which two thirds will be targeted at consumers, Windows Marketplace will be available in 29 countries.

Microsoft will ensure that applications run optimally on Windows phones by running a “rigorous certification and testing process before applications go to market”.

The app store will launch alongside version 6.5 of the Windows mobile platform, and from what has seen of it, will see the company push even further into the consumer space with a flashier user interface and easier access to information by reducing the configuration and number of clicks required.

Registration doors for the Windows Marketplace open in the spring, with developers able to start submitting their applications later this summer. Developer tools for Windows phones are available at

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