AT&T zaps Cingular for business

US telco AT&T’s separate mobile and fixed brands are at an end, at least as far as businesses are concerned. Since the mega-merger late last year, it has been the company’s policy to mash its assorted logos into the AT&T name, with the Cingular Wireless mobile brand being first on the list.

Now, the first steps have been taken. For enterprise customers, all the company’s products will now be marketed as AT&T.

In a related step, AT&T’s enterprise VPN service will now be available over WLAN or Cingular mobile radio links – until now, it was a fixed-only product.

The move will revive questions about how well Verizon can do in cross-selling its ex-MCI bulk IP and long distance, ex-Verizon local phone and ISP, and Verizon Wireless mobile services while Verizon Wireless is still part-owned by Vodafone.


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