Skype arrives on iPhone… kind of

A German-based mobile software developer, Shape Services, this week announced a version of Skype for the iPhone. Well, kind of.

IM+ for Skype uses the Skype API and allows users to make VoIP calls but the drawback is that a SkypeOut account is required. So, users are getting cheaper calls rather than free calls, as anyone using the service would have to pay for the SkypeOut fee to their mobile operator and then the SkypeOut fee to the destination number.

Shape has got the service onto the iPhone by making it accessible over the web via the device’s Safari browser at but it looks like getting a fully fledged VoIP client onto the device is going to be tricky without the ability to run native applications.

Shape’s service works in a similar way to SoonR, the remote desktop access client, but there are also a couple of other services out there, like Talkety or JaJah, which work on a call back basis, meaning you have to buy minutes from them instead.


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