Nokia still disputing Qualcomm patents

US chip shop Qualcomm is still being bounced from pillar to post over various patent disputes.

No sooner had the company buried the hatchet with Broadcom, when Nokia filed complaints against the US vendor requesting “declarations that Qualcomm’s European patents are exhausted in respect of products placed on the European Union market with a Qualcomm license”.

In this case, the Finish firm is talking about chipsets supplied by Texas Instruments. Texas Instruments and Qualcomm entered into a Patent Portfolio License agreement in 2000.

If Nokia’s claim succeeds, the company claims Qualcomm would be prevented from enforcing its respective patents in relation to Nokia handsets incorporating such chipsets in Europe.

Nokia and Qualcomm have been at each other’s throats since 2005, when Qualcomm filed allegations that Nokia infringed on 12 of its patents.

Nokia’s latest move comes just as a key licensing agreement between Nokia and Qualcomm is set to expire.

Nokia filed the claim in Germany and the Netherlands on Monday.

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