Nokia to do WiMAX for Pipex

Infrastructure vendor Nokia Siemens Networks scored another WiMAX contract Thursday, after being tapped by UK service provider Pipex Wireless to deliver kit for its nationwide network.

Pipex and Nokia Siemens are now working on 802.16e-2005 equipment specification, network design and service definition in readiness for a pilot deployment during this year, the company said.

Nokia grabbed a slice of one of the world’s most prominent WiMAX contracts in January, when it was signed up by US operator Sprint Nextel as one of its key infrastructure and consumer electronic device providers.

Nokia joins Intel, Samsung and Motorola in creating the network which is expected to be live sometime late 2007.

Last week, Pipex started gearing up for its second commercial trial of WiMAX, over three sites in the Leamington Spa and Warwick areas of the UK.

Intel and Airspan Networks have already been named as hardware partners.

The trial network will be commissioned in the second quarter and will run for six months. Other towns and cities are planned for deployment later in 2007.

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