Technicolor allows devices to “speak the same language”

Technology provider for the media and entertainment sectors Technicolor has developed a software framework to allow connected devices, regardless of brand or ecosystem, to “speak the same language”.

The firm has launched Qeo software modules to address the problem of disparate ecosystems used for device interaction, which has created a complex and fragmented experience for users. The software modules allow devices, applications and over-the-top cloud solutions to speak to one another to deliver simpler and richer media services, according to the company.

For consumers, this enables a host of new services to be deployed with ease. For example, consumers are able to remotely manage heterogeneous alarm, automation, and video surveillance systems via one single interface. They could also have their doorbell programmed to send a notification to their TV or mobile screen when someone is at the door, or switch a video call from a smartphone to their living room TV.

Using the Qeo modules, developers can also create cross-device and cross-OS applications in a more straightforward manner, without having to care about the diversity of languages, OS, or environments, according to Technicolor. And operators are able to use Qeo tools to monitor and manage all Qeo-enabled devices, keeping operational costs under control.

IBM, STMicroelectronics, Seagate, Avanquest, Telecom Italia and Portugal Telecom have all registered to partner with Technicolor using Qeo, and the framework is also being used at CES in Las Vegas.

“During the last few years, we’ve built a solid understanding of the issues created by heterogeneous and closed ecosystems that fragment the user experience,” Michel Rahier, president of Technicolor’s Connected Home Division.

“This is why we have developed Qeo: a technology that enables devices to speak the same language, be interconnected with each other, and create totally new use cases for the Connected Life and the ‘Internet of things’.”

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