Qualcomm hits Nokia with more lawsuits

Qualcomm said Tuesday that it had filed more lawsuits against Finish mobile manufacturer, Nokia.

The move comes a week before the companies’ existing cross-licensing agreement expires.

Qualcomm said the lawsuits relate to downloading applications and other content over a GPRS/EDGE wireless data network as well as speech encoders used in certain models of GSM mobiles.

The complaints were filed in the Eastern District of Texas and allege that Nokia infringed on five Qualcomm patents.

Qualcomm has two other patent lawsuits against Nokia’s GSM/GPRS/EDGE phones in the US as well as similar cases pending in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and China.

In a statement Nokia slammed what it termed Qualcomm’s “serial litigation”. It added: “We believe these legal suits are also without merit and Nokia will actively defend itself to make sure the rights of the company are protected.”

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