Nokia beefs up N95 for US launch

It looks like Finnish vendor Nokia is beefing up its flagship N95 to take on Apple’s iPhone in the US.

Over the past couple of days a number of documents have appeared on the FCC website, suggesting Nokia is granting approval for not one but two new flavours of the device.

According to the documentation, one version of the N95 will be decked out with a shiny black casing and a whopping 8GB of onboard memory, making it comparable with the iPhone. This version will support quad band GSM but will only have support for 3G in the 2100MHz band, which means it’s incompatible with the US carrier’s 3G networks. Although, this does suggest that this model will also be available in Europe as well.

Another set of documents indicate that a second version of the N95 with support for 3G will also be coming to the US. This one has more in common with the existing version – it relies on a SD card slot for its memory – but it will support the 850MHz and 1900MHz 3G bands. Unfortunately, this means it won’t work on T-Mobile USA, which uses the 1700MHz band for 3G.


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