A bunch of phone hackers have launched a cheap and cheerful DIY unlocking kit, which they claim will remove the pesky SIMlock on any device.

We’ve seen similar hardware-based methods of beating the lock in before, but these guys have gone one step further and bundled everything you need into a $50 package.

The FuriouSim includes a little bit of hardware trickery, which sits under your existing SIM, a specialised hole puncher for cutting a small hole in the SIM and an updater cable.

Users just punch a small chunk out of their SIM card, attach it to the FuriouSim and put it in their locked phone.

Already the operation is saying it will be able to support the iPhone 3G, although they will have to put a software update out.

“It supports all mobile phones on the market right now and upcoming models. If any new phone on the market is not supported by FuriouSim we’ll make the update,” said the group.