ISP promises net neutrality

A newly launched US ISP has run out to meet the net neutrality debate head on, by guaranteeing a neutral line to anybody willing to pay for it., which launched this week, looks to be the first independent ISP to offer net neutrality guarantees. It offers high speed web access in 12 states plus a nationwide dialup service.

The company guarantees not to degrade or modify user data and not to discriminate between users for commercial or other reasons. The only catch, if it is indeed seen as one by the target audience, is that users will have to pay more.

A 256Kbps line will set you back around $33.95 per month, which is on the pricy side for what you get, as is $49.95 for a 1.5Mbps link but moving up to $59.95 for a 7Mbps connection, the price starts to seem more reasonable.

“The net neutrality debate has created a new market segment whose needs are not being met. Until now all this segment could do was comment, demonstrate and petition,” said Chris Ellis co-founder of Copowi. “With Copowi they can now vote with their feet because they now have a clear choice which satisfies their need for an open and fair internet,” he said.


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