Handset maker Motorola will announce the loss of 330 jobs at its Cork plant in Ireland, Friday.

In a statement to Irish broadcaster, RTE, Thursday night, the company confirmed that after extensive consultations with staff at the plant, no basis was found to continue its operations there.

The jobs will go by the end of May. Motorola said the closure was “unavoidable”.

According to the firm, some workers could be let go as soon as the end of the month.

The firm is to retain 20 managerial and marketing staff in Cork once the  manufacturing plant is wound down.

Details of the shutdown will be confirmed to the Cork workforce today.

The revelation is another blow to Motorola which saw its profits halved during the last quarter of 2006. The company has been battling to increase profits on a portfolio several analysts have slammed for being dated.

In January, Motorola revealed plans for “necessary cutbacks” which included the loss of 3,500 jobs worldwide or 5 per cent of its total 70,000-strong workforce.

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