Brits judged by ringtones

An estimated 97 per cent of Brits judge someone’s personality based on their choice of ringtone, with 90 per cent of UK mobile owners having been criticised by friends and family for their selection.

According to figures published by mobile phone retailer, Dial-a-Phone, around 80 per cent of UK mobile users actually fear criticism of their ringtone. So much so that the average user changes their ringtone 3.4 times a year, spending an average 37.5 minutes on making a decision.

Around 10 per cent of Brits go so far as to change their ringtone once a week in a bid to keep up with the mobile Joneses.

But even for those not trying to be fashionable, there is no let up. A significant 42 per cent of those questioned said they had been criticised for not choosing a personalised melody and instead opting for the old fashioned ‘ring-ring’.

Dial-a-Phone wheeled out a body language expert, Flic Everett, who notes that the choice of mobile ringtone can reveal a lot about the personality of the owner.

“There’s no question that we have become obsessed with ringtones, they have become fashion accessories, so much like the clothes we wear, we are judged by what ringtone we chose,” Everett said.

“Those who regularly download the latest chart songs for their ringtones are often seen as fashionable but can also be judged as desperate to impress. Retro ringtones may say quirky however, just like novelty ties and socks, cartoon ringtones show that this type of person considers himself or herself a bit of comedian.”

Typical perceptions based on ringtone are:

Top 10 hit – Moves with the times but could be a fashion victim. Tries too hard.

Classic hit – A laid back thirty something attempting to make a statement.

Hollywood film – Movie buff. Watches too many films.

Current TV show – Fun personality. Too much time on their hands.

Retro TV show – Creative, pop culture. Bit nerdy.

Children’s theme tune – Game for a laugh. Annoying.

Sport theme tune – Armchair sportsperson. Unimaginative.

Classical – Tasteful and educated. Probably on the old side.

Made for ringtone (crazy frog) – Totally unacceptable. Chav.

Original preinstalled ringtone – Not trying to impress. Probably got better things to do.

Ring Ring – Uber cool. Boring. Lack of confidence and creativity.

Vibrate setting – Introvert. Polite.

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