Intel offers “draft 802.11n” platform

US chip shop Intel, this week peeled the wraps off its shiny new 802.11n wifi platform.

As the final 802.11n spec has not yet been signed off, Intel’s upgrade will join the ranks of other platforms based on the “draft 802.11n specification”.

Unfortunately, analysts and researchers have long been warning consumers and businesses to put off upgrading to 802.11n until the final spec is approved. Many fear there is likely to be wide variability between “draft compatible” specs.

Standardisation should not be too long now though, earlier this week the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 working group unanimously approved draft 1.10 of the 802.11n specification.

All that is left now is for the IEEE to sign off the draft, which will be the final specification for the technology. However, the draft is not expected to be fully approved until 2008.

Intel’s Next-Gen Wireless-N technology will be delivered in conjunction with new notebook computers powered by Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology from OEMs such as Acer, Asus, Gateway and Toshiba in late January.


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