Sprint pilots unlimited tariffs

US operator Sprint Nextel is trialling all you can eat voice and data tariffs in the San Francisco area, it emerged on Tuesday.

The first tariff includes unlimited voice calling, messaging and mobile web access for $120 per month. Add another $30, taking the monthly fee to $150, and you get the same options plus unlimited wireless internet access for your PC.

Tole Hart, research director at industry analyst Gartner, said that while the plans are not for everyone, they are designed for the cost conscious, risk averse, high end, wireless only user, or the small business user.

“The $30 add on for unlimited wireless access is a good deal. For this niche in the market, it takes the worry out of wireless. Sprint Nextel also wants to grab a larger share of this lucrative niche,” Hart said.

Gartner expects that if Sprint’s move is successful, other carriers will likely follow suit.

However, it is not yet known whether Sprint plans to roll the service out beyond San Francisco or whether adoption in the city will be the deciding factor.


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