WiMAX Forum launches global roaming programme

To help stimulate WiMAX usage further, the WiMAX Forum has launched its global roaming programme. This allows operators and vendors to easily obtain the information required to establish WiMAX roaming services. The programme has several components, including:  technical specifications, a test plan, a roaming contract template and a guide to follow when implementing roaming.

“Member companies have yet another tool to facilitate the advancement of their WiMAX technology innovations and make 4G a seamless experience for customers,” says John Dubois, global roaming director at the WiMAX Forum. “We are already beginning to see how WiMAX technology will drastically improve the next-generation of broadband applications and services, and this roaming readiness programme is another example of how the WiMAX ecosystem is working to extend the availability of services to subscribers.”

The roaming programme documents were developed by WiMAX Forum members with input from over twenty WiMAX operators. It also has the support of several roaming exchange, clearing and settlement providers, including Accuris Networks, Aicent, Comfone, I-Pass, MACH-Cibernet, QuiConnect, Syniverse and Verisign.

“The roaming programme provides operators with a much needed set of common specifications and processes to follow in establishing roaming services,” says Ali Tabassi, senior vice president (global ecosystem and standards) at Clearwire.

With more than 407 WiMAX deployments in 133 countries, the WiMAX Forum says the availability of these critical roaming tools at such an early stage provides extra value to service providers.


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