France moves closer to UMTS900

France moved yet another step closer to mandating 3G in the 900MHz spectrum on Tuesday when communications regulator ARCEP consulted the Radio Communications Advisory Commission on the matter.

The regulator is now sending a proposal for the procedures and conditions for authorising a 3G mobile system in Metropolitan France to the Minister Delegate for Industry.

ARCEP said a number of players have expressed interest in the assignment of the fourth 3G licence.

France is spearheading the move to prepare ways of reusing the 900 and 1800MHz frequencies, currently occupied by 2G services, for 3G, to extend the coverage of third generation mobile networks beyond the current deployments in the 2GHz band.

The regulator is now determining whether three or four operators must be considered in the sharing plan of the 900 and 1800MHz bands to be reused for 3G as the assignment of a fourth 3G licence would bring about a major change in market by intensifying competition.

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