AT&T offers free ca

US telco AT&T late Thursday announced unlimited free calls between its wireless and wireline subscribers.

The AT&T Unity plan, which is available from Sunday, allows customers to make or receive calls for free from any AT&T wireless and wireline phone numbers nationwide without incurring additional wireline usage fees or using their wireless Anytime minutes.

The new plan is the company’s first major converged product offering since the December acquisition of BellSouth and consolidation of Cingular Wireless.

To qualify for AT&T Unity, residential customers must have or subscribe to an unlimited AT&T wireline local and long distance plan. For example, in the pre-merger 13-state territory, consumers can subscribe to AT&T All Distance for $50 a month. In the pre-merger nine-state BellSouth territory, customers can subscribe to the BellSouth Unlimited Plan, which offers unlimited local and domestic long distance calling for approximately $50 a month.


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