Wireless USB makes appearance

PC peripherals and equipment vendor Belkin has unveiled one of the earliest commercially available UWB (ultra wideband) products.

Belkin has introduced a hub and adapter built completely on the certified Wireless USB specification.

Over the past several years of its development, UWB has been involved in a tug of war between the Freescale and WiMedia Alliance camps, with the result that WiMedia’s multiband orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MB-OFDM) flavour was selected as the standard.

Research house and analyst ARCchart notes that the release of Belkin’s hub means, “the Great UWB Wait appears to have now ended and wireless USB products (based on UWB) such as PCs, cameras and mobile phones are expected to hit the market this year, using a dongle attachment to send and receive wireless USB data.”


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