Skype used by 4% of UK internet users

Only 4 per cent of UK internet users regularly use Skype to make VoIP calls, according to figures published by Jupiter Research on Monday.

However, VoIP services in general are used by 12 per cent of online consumers, the analyst found.

According to Jupiter, unlike the situation in many countries, Skype faces tough market conditions in the UK as almost all leading broadband ISPs have an existing telephony service to defend or are launching new VoIP telephony services.

“While Skype usage is low today across the whole population, in specific groups such as youthful consumers, there is tremendous acceptance of Skype’s VoIP service,” said Ian Fogg, lead author on the report and senior analyst at Jupiter Research.

“This mirrors usage of other instant messaging applications that offer VoIP,” he said. Fogg predicts that Skype’s consumer up take will accelerate with the introduction of new telephone handsets that do not require a PC.

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