Vodafone targets business users

UK mobileco Vodafone steeped up its enterprise mobility strategy on Monday afternoon via the acquisition of two companies and a partnership with a third.

Vodafone UK is to acquire enterprise mobility consultancy Aspective and customer services and fleet management provider Isis Telecommunications.

In addition, the operator has also signed an exclusive strategic partnership with Fiberlink, a specialist in secure mobile working, under which Vodafone will offer Fiberlink’s platform for mobile workforce services in the UK.

From the first half of next year, Vodafone will offer secure remote access to the corporate network across any bearer, be it a LAN connection, Vodafone 3G broadband, WLAN, dial up, wifi hotspot or broadband.

Vodafone will also expand its managed service offerings and portfolio of enterprise application mobility services such as CRM and Field Sales Automation.

Kyle Whitehill, director of Vodafone UK’s enterprise business unit, said “We are focused on developing our capability in three core areas: applications, access and service. In the next three years Vodafone UK will become much more than a mobile network operator and will play a significant role as an integrator of seamless communications.”


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