Reding nominated for ‘villain’ award

The British Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA UK) – the UK’s internet trade association – has nominated Commissioner for Information Society and Media, Vivianne Reding, for ‘internet Villain of the year’.

Reding, who last year hit the headlines for her work on extortionate mobile roaming charges, was nominated by ISPA for “foisting the most arcane set of rules yet seen for prior registration of .eu domains, requiring UK registered companies to submit legal affidavits to justify the authenticity of their business”.

It is almost traditional for the European regulatory authorities to make an appearance in this annual awards category – the European Union itself won the award last year.

On the contrary however, the EU has been shortlisted for the internet ‘hero of the year’ award for “considering legal action against protectionist barriers planned by France, Italy, and Austria that would potentially ban foreign online gaming and investigating nine other EU member states”.

Reding faces stiff competition from marketing firm e360 insight, which attempted to have anti spam outfit Spamhaus shut down; Peter Black, executive chairman of Next Generation Networks UK, for making the organisation too elitist; the British Phonographic Industry; and the US government.

The European Commission had not responded to requests for comment at the time of going to press.


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