Mobile operators losing battle for brand loyalty

Almost four in ten respondents to The Intelligence Industry Survey 2013 suggested that over-the-top (OTT) players have defeated mobile operators in the battle for consumer loyalty. A similar proportion of operator respondents agreed with this statement as respondents from the sector as a whole.

37.7 per cent of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that OTT players have won this battle, compared with 32.6 per cent who disagreed or strongly disagreed with the statement; more than twice as many respondents strongly agreed than the number who strongly disagreed.

Nonetheless, almost half of all respondents believe that mobile operators are capable of competing with OTT service providers in service innovation.

Furthermore, the majority (54.6 per cent) of respondents believe that OTT players should subsidise the cost of traffic that their services generate, and almost as many (48.7 per cent) reckoned that OTT players could be persuaded to do so.

The vast majority (83 per cent) agreed or strongly agreed that operators can and should partner with OTT players for mutual benefit.

The Intelligence Industry Survey 2013, which will be published on February 18th, collected data from almost 2,000 industry respondents, including 600 operator employees from 260 different operators worldwide.

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