3 and Player X to launch GeekTV on mobile

A made-for-mobile TV channel is to be launched in the UK following a deal between Hutchison’s 3 UK and mobile media firm, Player X.

GeekTV will provide a mix of content designed specifically for the mobile, as well as proper television shows, including ‘American Dad’ and ‘Miami Vice’.

User generated content is also planned via 3’s SeeMeTV service, which will lure users into creating content by offering them a spot on the service and a cash prize.

The channel is updated weekly is an opportunity for 3 UK to promote videos that can also be downloaded as individual episodes elsewhere on 3’s portal. As an example, mobile users might see an episode of Player X’ “Dom Joly show” on Geek TV and then go and buy the others from the portal to download.

The channel is available now after launching in the first week of December and its user-generated content is augmented by a geekTV sub-section on 3’s SeeMeTV platform. 3 UK customers can send in their clips by texting 3geek to 34335.

Tony Pearce, Player X’ CEO said: “We are talking to more operators and also to handset manufacturers because we’re convinced this channel is an important addition to the mobile content area.”


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  1. Avatar American Dad 26/08/2009 @ 2:03 pm

    I think it’s good to watch TV on mobile, when you are traveling via bus or train. But I think, cause of the small screen, it will never be a shiny business.

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