Big iPhone news this week

The European iPhone retailers are expected to be revealed on Tuesday, putting an end to months of speculation. will be attending an Apple-hosted press conference in London on Tuesday morning, where it’s expected that O2 will be revealed as the company’s UK partner.

Orange is thought to have won the contract for France, while T-Mobile has got Germany sewn up. The German operator is understood to be holding a conference of its own on Wednesday during which it is expected that the company will also reveal iPhone exclusivity contracts for Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary and Croatia as well.

The device is expected to be on European shelves in time for Christmas, and will likely sell for around Eur399. Despite the fact that subsidies on the device are likely to be minimal to non-existent, keeping the operators with more in their pockets, Apple has pulled a smooth move by getting them to agree to sign over 10 per cent of the revenues from calls and data traffic from iPhone users.

This is an unusual model for the operator community, which has traditionally been against such contracts. However, it could be that Apple’s show of strength in this move could prompt other handset makers to do the same with popular devices.

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