UK mobile operator and exclusive iPhone carrier O2 UK has inadvertently revealed the pricing for the prepay version of the 3G Apple device.

The interesting thing here is that O2 is giving prepay users free, unlimited wifi and data access for six months, which is something of a first.

After the first six months is up, users can continue to buy unlimited wifi and data access for £10 per month.

The 8GB version of the handset will retail for £299.99 without a contract, while the 16GB version will go for £359.99.

Prepay users can top up as much as they want, but those that buy a minimum amount of credit every month will also receive bonus minutes and texts.

Unfortunately, the page advertising the prepay tariffs has now been removed from the O2 website suggesting it was mistakenly activated, so consumers might have to wait until closer to the July 11 launch date to confirm the prepay prices.

An O2 spokeswoman confirmed to, “Some pages were loaded by mistake onto the website as part of the testing process. All elements of the pre pay proposition are still to be confirmed.”