Two operator led industry bodies announced plans to work together on Wednesday to increase the industry’s awareness of device and network security in next generation mobile networks.

The Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) alliance, an operator led community that recommends mobile terminal requirements, will collaborate with the Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN) forum, an eclectic mix of carriers seeking a common vision for networks and technologies beyond 3G, to ensure security is a priority for devices which will be used on next generation mobile networks.

Together, the two organisations will promote industry recommendations on mobile and network security, which are intended to provide a secure environment for developers, operators and consumers.

Tim Raby, managing director of the OMTP said: “The NGMN is a complementary organisation to the OMTP. We have like-minded individuals, a similar membership and a mission to enhance the mobile experience for all parties involved in mobile, from developers to the end user. We hope to raise device security up the agenda, ultimately delivering a better and safer user experience.”