OpenMoko FreeRunner to arrive early July

The consumer version of the Linux-based touchscreen OpenMoko device will be available in early July, has learned.

OpenMoko, a subsidiary of Taiwanese manufacturer, First International Computer, unveiled its mass market gadget, the FreeRunner, earlier this year. Based on the Neo 1973, which proved so popular with the open source development community it sold out, the FreeRunner rolls all the latest features into a consumer friendly package.

The FreeRunner uses a similar formfactor to the Neo, with a 2.8″ VGA touch screen, A-GPS, 128MB of memory, a microSD card slot, Bluetooth and USB, as well as adding wifi and motion sensors and a faster 500MHz processor. The device will come in two versions: a 850MHz tri-band and a 900Mhz tri-band.

In a posting to the OpenMoko mailing lists over the weekend, Steven Mosher, vice president of marketing at the firm, revealed that the devices are being mass produced and assembled and should be available in early July.

“So figure, assembly is going to start in the week of june 16, pack and shipby june 23. Arrive and clear customs by july 1,” Mosher said. “Hey 4th of july sale! Sorry american bias. But I’d figure early july.”

The revelation follows a delay in production of the device, which should have shipped in early spring.

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